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jeudi 25 juin 2009

Plage privée

Une des nombreuses plages privées de Nice, pour ceux qui n'aiment pas les galets ou qui ont des petites fesses fragiles ;o)

One of the many private beaches of Nice, for those how doesn't like pebble or have small fragile buttocks ;o)

7 commentaires:

brattcat a dit…

Fantastic composition. I hope those small fragile bottoms appreciate the effort made on their behalf.

Nadege a dit…

La grande bleue est toujours aussi belle. Un jour d'orage en hiver, l'eau etait verte.

Babzy.B a dit…

Le littoral est à tout le monde, je ne supporte pas ces plages privées... mais la photo est bien jolie ;)

Hilda a dit…

Your comment got me laughing out loud, you naughty boy!

Wonderful photo though! The blue of the sea is just gorgeous. Would love to be there right now — it's been raining here for days.

Jilly a dit…

beautiful shot, Arnaud. You must have been up early!

Arnaud a dit…

yes it must be very difficult to put and to take off all of these beach chair !

oui toujours aussi belle avec ses différents tons de bleu .

et oui mais maintenant il y en a de plus en plus...

hope you'll have good weather soon :o)

in fact not .. it was at the end of the afternoon... but you're right, it could be on the morning

Michael Salone a dit…

That would be me for sure!