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lundi 15 juin 2009

Les musiciens

Avec les beaux jours, il y a beaucoup de musiciens plus ou moins talentueux qui essaient de gagner quelques euros en jouant de la musique sur les trottoirs.Ceux ci jouaient jouent non seulement bien mais en plus ils avaient vraiment l'air de s'amuser!

with the sunny days, there are many musicians more or less talented who are trying to earn a few dollars playing music on the sidewalks. Those were not only play well but they really seems to have a good time

3 commentaires:

magiceye a dit…

that is nice!

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brattcat a dit…

They do look joyful. Really nice capture.

Neva a dit…

I used to play the cello! but is has been years now since I picked it up....nice shot.