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vendredi 19 juin 2009

La yourte

Une yourte est l'habitat traditionnel (tente en peau ou en feutre) des nomades mongols et turcs qui vivent en Asie centrale, notamment au Kirghizstan.Ces yourtes ont été reprises dans de nombreux pays par des écologiste cherchant un habitat écologique et bon marché.Celle-ci n'est pas habitée, mais on peut rentrer dedans pour se rendre compte de quoi ça ressemble

A yurt is the traditional housing (tent of felt or skin) of Turkish and Mongolian nomads who live in Central Asia, particularly in Kyrgyzstan. These yurts have been used in many countries by environmentalist seeking ecological habitat and cheap. That one is not inhabited, but we can go inside to see how it looks

4 commentaires:

Nadege a dit…

Arnaud did you check out David Lebowitz's blog today?
I have never eating "socca". David thinks the best is in Nice.
A while back I saw "the weeping camel"; thank God for those yurts.
There is a place in Big Sur (California) where people can stay overnight in yurts. How cool is that!

brattcat a dit…

This yurt is very beautiful inside. Is it decorated at all on the outside or does it look simply like a big tent?

Babzy.B a dit…

c'est vraiment très joli !

Arnaud a dit…

Yes it's funny !!
i'll nearly make a post to show what exctly is the socca !

But it is a great blog hummm
thanks :o)