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mardi 1 septembre 2009

La Boccaccio

Voici un tres bon restaurant de fruits de mer situé dans la rue pietonne de Nice (Rue Massena); Le Boccaccio
Tres bon accueil, bon service, je vous recommande leur gigantesque paëlla qui est vraiment exceptionnelle !!
A tester absolument !!
Here is a very good seafood restaurant located in the pedestrian street of Nice (Massena Street): le Boccaccio
Very welcoming, good service, I recommend their giant paella how is really outstanding!
To test absolutely

4 commentaires:

Lois a dit…

It sounds delicious!

brattcat a dit…

I recommend enlarging this image. It's mouth watering. Great shot!

Leif Hagen a dit…

Looks like some expensive, scrumptious seafood! What time is dinner at Cafe' Arnaud?!

Amy a dit…

Looks good - seafood is my favourite!