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vendredi 4 septembre 2009

Expo sur la balade

Après Raoul Dufy, voici Fricero, Trachel et Klissak.Tous ces panneaux ont été installés sur la promenade et permettent à la fois de découvrir les peintres et les paysages tels qu'ils étaient auparavant
After Raoul Dufy, here Fricero, and Trachel Klissak. All these panels have been installed on the "promenade" and allow both to discover the artists and the landscapes as they were before

3 commentaires:

brattcat a dit…

What a great idea! I love seeing the reality, present, and the artist's interpretation of that reality, past. I hope this is popular and people do stop to look. At least you, Arnaud, stopped to look. Thank you.

Hilda a dit…

That's a wonderful idea! The views are already gorgeous, but to appreciate art at the same time… I love it!

Neva a dit…

I agree with Hilda....what a way to appreciate art...How is the new baby daughter? Precious as can be I am sure. glad to see you still have time to blog....:)