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vendredi 17 juillet 2009

Le p'tit train

Une des meilleurs façon de visiter Nice est le petit train qui vous emmènera jusqu'au château en partant de la promenade des anglais et en passant par le vieux Nice.
compter 45mn de trajet et 5€.
La visite est commentée en plusieurs langues que vous pouvez écouter a l'aide d'un casque.

One of the best way to visit Nice is the little train that takes you to the castle from the Promenade des Anglais and through the old town.
About 45mn trip and 5€.
The visit is documented in several languages that you can listen through the headphones.

10 commentaires:

Lowell a dit…

Cute little train and I would not hesitate to take it for a minute...then I would go off on my own to really see the place!

Amy a dit…

Looks like a lovely hot day there :-)

Leif Hagen a dit…

Chugga, chugga, chew chew! All aboard the nice NICE train! Pourquoi pas?! Bon weekend avec Agathe!
: - )

Arnaud a dit…

>Leif Hagen
thanks ;)

Jane Hards Photography a dit…

I remember the little train but did not go on it. Children love it so much

brattcat a dit…

I'm with Jacob. I'd love to take that little train to get oriented. But there's nothing like walking to really see a place. That water is magnificent. I would love to clothe myself in your sea.

Lois a dit…

Looks like a great way to see the sites and a lot of fun too!

Leif Hagen a dit…

Salut Arnaud! Which language translator gadget/widget to you use? I have one now as of today but it only has 11 languages?! RSVP

Anonyme a dit…

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