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vendredi 3 juillet 2009


Le restaurant L'Horloge est situé dans l'Hôtel Aston (12 ave felix faure). L'accueil, et le service sont impeccable, les prix raisonnables.
On y mange des spécialités niçoise, mais aussi des des mets plus traditionnels.
Une adresse a visiter ..
The restaurant L'Horloge is located in the Hotel Aston (12 ave felix faure). The welcome and service are impeccable, the prices reasonable. We can eat some Nice specialties, but also more traditional dishes.
An address to visit if you come to Nice.

6 commentaires:

Amy a dit…

Very nice, Can I ask what is your favourite meal to eat in a restaurant?

mum a dit…

je vois bien où c'est....l'Aston je l'ai pratiqué pour nos AG lorsque je travaillais sur NICE souvenir !!!!

brattcat a dit…

I'd like to hear more about some of those Nice specialties.

glduro_marieloupe a dit…

Hummm! Brattcat, you dont imagine what are these specialties! Wow!!

Jilly a dit…

Looks so nice, Arnaud. I love the way you take us around Nice.

Arnaud a dit…

Well, at the moment i like eating some big fresh Nice salad !

Because theweather is too hot !!

you'll find some quickly on this blog !!

i already see you with your napkin :o)

thanks ;)